2014 saw the exciting launch of the brand new ridden showing classes for Pure Bred Arabians. This proved to be a huge success with exhibitors, competitors and spectators, so much so that two in hand sections have been added to the series.

We have great pleasure in bringing you the details for the 2018 series. 
The 'Ridden Arabian Star Series' is an innovative  and complete showing series for Arab Horse enthusiasts with their purebred Arabian horses. 
Each part of series culminates in a Championship Class and Final. 
Awards and prize money totalling over £3000 are awarded to the winners of the finals.

The series has 3 sections
1. The Ridden Arabian Star Series (RASS)
2. RASS ALL STARS in hand non ECAHO classes for 4+ year old
2. RASS ALL STARS in hand non ECAHO classes for 1-3 year olds

Also a section within the ridden ....
'C.A.R.E' for horses who have had previous careers in racing or endurance and those currently competing too.

Horses are able to qualify for the different sections at participating Arabian Group Shows, 'C' Group Shows, County, Royal and agricultural shows and of the British National Championships at Malvern in July. 
Check the participating shows list to find your nearest participating show for each of the RASS sections. 
There are also points categories for 2018 within all of the different RASS sections where points are gained through competing and placing in the top 6 in RASS classes throughout the season. 
Visit the Rules page for more information on these.
A list of qualified horses will be updated on the RASS Facebook page as qualified horses are confirmed by secretaries and cards are received back to the RASS Committee. 
Classes are open to all competitors. Horses must be registered pure bred Arabian horses and registered with The Arab Horse Society.
For the full rules on the classes please visit the Rules page.
Qualifying cards are available soon for 2018 and can be purchased either by paypal on the Buy a Card page, or by post from the Ridden Arabian Star Series Organising committee, details of which are also on the Buy a Card page. 

To take part in any of the series, see the notes below on how to qualify and also visit the 'Rules and Qualifying Shows' page to find out more. Visit the Buy a Card page soon to purchase your card for 2018. 

Good luck and we hope to see you at the finals.

How do I Qualify?

RASS - how do I qualify

1. Buy a card. 

2. Enter a RASS class at a C or Group show. OR a County or Royal show ridden Arab class

3. Carry your card in your pocket. Get placed 1st - 4th  in a RASS class at a C OR GROUP SHOW or 1st or 2nd at a Royal or a County show (this won’t be a RASS class) 

4. Get it signed in the ring by the judge. 

5. Send it back to the address on the card. 

ALL STARS / Junior ALL STARS: How do I qualify in hand?

1. Buy a card - if you have one for the same horse ridden - you need ANOTHER for same horse in hand. 

2. Enter the ALL STARS /Junior ALL STARS class at a C or group show. OR a Royal or County show (this won’t be a RASS class) 

3. Carry your card in your pocket. Get placed 1st to 4th in the ALL STARS or JUNIOR ALL STARS class or 1st - 2nd at a County or Royal show 

4. Get card signed by judge 

5. Send it back to the address on the card. 

What they say...

Stephanie Zebedee on behalf of 2015 RASS Gold Champion daughter Amelia.

"Last year (2014)  we went to watch the Rass Finals, it was truly spectacular. My daughter Amelia was in awe of the amazing garlands and prizes. She said that she would like to try to be part of it.
So this year we bought a card and qualified at our first show, Wessex spring.
The finals were again spectacular and Amelia and our horse Eastworth Ahmoshini were impeccably behaved and went on to win the gold championship.
The prizes, rosettes, sashes and garlands were incredible and Amelia has yet to decide what to spend the prize money!"

 Victoria Clark, Performance judge 2015 RASS finals: 

"What a fantastic show! I was truly honoured to be asked to judge the Finals at Addington Manor and loved every minute of it. The quality of horse & rider far surpassed my expectations with our Champion performing a foot perfect show. A wonderfully friendly atmosphere, partnered by extraordinary prizes and prize funds unmatched by other shows.
Both Louise Maryon & Clare Fitch should be highly commended for being the brains behind such a fabulous event which I'm sure will go from strength to strength."

Holly Cope,
This was the second year me and my gelding TF Horus Bey have competed in the Ridden Arabian Star Series and it just gets better! It is such a fantastic experience to be part of and has helped my horse with his confidence in the show ring immensely, competing in qualifiers throughout the season. As a family we love being being part of RASS; we have made so many new friends along the way. We still can't get over how many amazing prizes and beautiful sashes and rosettes were on offer at the final and also the lovely atmosphere for both competitors and spectators. Just want to thank all the RASS organisers and everyone involved! 

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